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What are our references?

Prof. Dr. Volker Wulfmeyer
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Dr. Andreas Behrendt
Scopus Author ID: 22633429500
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Unequaled resolution and accuracy of water-vapor and temperature profiles!

High resolutions of up to 1 s and 7.5 m

Temperature (T):
    Systematic error < 0.5 K
Water-vapor mixing ratio (WVMR):
    Systematic error < 5 %

T and WVMR profiles exceed WMO goal and breakthrough requirements*, respectively, for nowcasting/VSRF in the lower troposphere
*see OSCAR and
Purple Pulse Unique Performance

Only system capable of resolving temperature inversions, lids, and true atmospheric boundary layer depth

Diode-laser pumped eye-safe transmitter with extraordinary lifetime and low maintenaince

Continuous vertical profiling and 3D scanning systems

Our team combines more than 25 years of experience in

    •   industrial-grade, compact, high-power lasers
    •   high-resolution water-vapor, temperature, and aerosol lidar
    •   data assimilation
    •   numerical weather prediction (NWP)
    •   weather and climate research

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